Thursday 4 April: Afternoon session

Game-changing conversations that really change outcomes for your family

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A focus on the more evaluative approaches related to achieving game-changing outcomes in families and their relationships, business, as well as enterprises of all sizes

In this session, we’re looking at the evaluative approaches and particularly mediatin and arbitration that change relationships, processes and resources through powerful facilitation and negotation.


14:00 – 14:10 Welcome and Host: Howard Le Cornu, CEO The Resolution Centre

14:10 – 14:55 XXX: Susanne Kingston, Withers Worldwide

14:55 – 15:10 Coffee Break

15:10 – 16:00 XXX: Andrzej Bojarski, 36 Family

16:15 – 16:35 Therapeutic Mediation: Carline Dutot, Ardent Chambers

16:35 – 16:55 The Courts Perspective: Sam McFadzean, Family Court Judge

14:55 – 17:30 Panel and Q&A Session: led by Liz Le Poidevin, Association of Jersey Charities

Panel Members: Susanne Kingston, Andrzej Bojarski, Sam McFadzean and Mark Wickman